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12.11.05                         Long Time, No Update
It's been quite awhile since the last update, and I must admit, it's due to laziness on my part.  It's not that we haven't been doing anything, I've just been to busy to update lol.  Over the course of this year, we've had our hand in several projects, quite a few of which fell through.  It happens a lot, and I'm hoping it's just a natural thing that occurs in the filmmaking world.... not that we're cursed or something.  2005 has been a very busy and eventful year.  Kevin and I have decided, in 2006, to be more focused and more involved in our own projects.  In the end, it's what's best because with Kevin & me, nothing gets in our way of seeing our project though...  well, you know, unless the cast decides to leave us or something.  That's the only thing that'll leave us up the creek.  Anyway, enough of my ramblings.
So here's what's shakin':
In the medical department...  I still experience some pretty sharp and insistant pain in my right shoulder, knee, & hip from time to time... When they start up, they take awhile to go away.  I've been told by the back cracker that I've reached maximum medical improvement.... so he wants me to just keep up with the orthopeidic surgeon to find out whether or not I have to just cope with the pain, or if there's anything they can do to make it stop! 
What's up otherwise:  In November we were invited as guests to Genghis Con, up in Pittsburgh.  It was a wonderful experience, Amy & Mike put on a great first year show!  Hell, forget the "first year" part, it was a wonderful show to be a part of.  Unfortunately, the camera we took up with us kind of crapped out part way though our weekend, so we didn't get more then 4 decent pictures, and those four were kind of goofs lol.
The first weekend of December, we were involved in yet another first.  This was the primere run of San Antonio's 48 Hour Film Experience; which was in fact, a unique experience all it's own. 
Early January, OAMM Productions is set to begin filming a music video for Emily's Gone Mad
Middle or late January, OAMM & Phoenix Films are set to finish up on the meet up project titled 'Deicide'.
Gonzoriffic's Angel Spit will still become a reality at some point before this blasted year is over.  I'm starting to fully realized the curse that is known as Angel Spit lol. 
Just a few weeks ago, I was accepted to be a Necro Girl, go check it out!
We got some more reviews coming up, as well as interviews. 
'05 was a decent year for us, and '06 will be even better!  So be sure to keep checking back with us to see what's going on with OAMM Productions.
Not Done By A Long Shot!

A'ight.  Update time, it's been a good while, and there's plenty to report.  So here goes.  First off, let me report on my status from the accident.  I haven't been informed otherwise by my attorney not to mention anything, and since we're not entering a lawsuit... yet.... I should be free to discuss what happened and what's going on. 

On July 14th, I was given a ride, by my good friend Shannon Dunmyer (you'll hear more about him in a minute) to pick up my car so that we could boost Kevin's dead battery.  This was my first motorcycle ride ever.  Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be...anyway, as soon as the light turned green, someone hit us going at least... at least 35 miles per hour.  We were thrown up into the air I'm told at least 15 feet.  Then landed on our left sides.  I was wearing Dunny's helmet since he didn't have two and wanted me to be safe.  I cushioned his fall, so he got away with soreness and a few scrapes on his knee and arm.  Well soreness for the months to follow that is.  We come to find out that the person who hit us was drunk... Drunk on an early Thursday morning, 2am to be exact.  Not only drunk, but a schoolteacher. 

It's been two months already, and I've been hurting.  Having some ups and downs... but surviving nonetheless.  Anyway.  Now I'm down to an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on Monday Sept. 26, I'll post yet another update on what's going to happen to my jacked up shoulder. 

Now for real news!

Our first little short, 'A Moment of Darkness' was selected to be a part of Wicked Dreams Entertainment and Allied Horror's 'Vampyre Tales'!  Imagine that, they actually liked it!  And it'll be available to people, aside from this crappy little website.  I believe they're still working out some details with distribution.  Updates on that to follow.  There's some links up on the main page regarding 'Vampyre Tales'.  Go check 'em out! 

There's also a new interview as well as a review of 'Moment' up there as well.

Cult of the Evil Burrito Films Presents...

Our Meet Up Film projects haven't been progressing.  At least not until now.  The first project we were set to film on 'Pictures', wound up getting scrapped.  The original writer just felt he didn't have the time to dedicated to seeing it through.  This is something I've come across a lot here lately.  So many people who start off ambitious with filmmaking.  They want to do it all, then realize how much work it is, and decide they want to quit...  So 'Pictures' is on a permenate hiatus.  So we've moved on to the next project, Shannon Dunmyer's 'Deicide'.  Shannon has put so much effort and time into this project, it's his first film, but he knows exactly what he wants.  I'm so impressed with him and happy to be working on the project with him.  'Deicide' is basically the story of a woman who kills geniunely good people for the sake of peserving them in all of their purity.  One of the coolest things to me on this production is that we actually secured the use of a jail cell!!!  Yeah I know, I'm a geek.

Well, that's it for now.  As the news builds up, eventually in a month or two of finding it out, I'll post it here lol.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  

Until next time! 


So many things swirling around in the OAMM Pool... Pretty lame analogy huh?  Well not as much joking in this update because I'm in quite a bit of pain, and need to be getting to bed.  For starters, last week I was involved in a motorcycle accident.  Not sure I can discuss details yet, but once I am sure, I'll be posting them here. 

I've been editing on Andrew Shearer's "Angel Spit" and anticipate it's completion in a few weeks.  This is a two year project in the making folks!  It's release is going to be a beautiful thing!  Well, at least I hope it will be.  Check back with the Gonzoriffic Films

site for more info on 'Angel Spit' as well as what's new with the Gonzo Gang.

I've also been brought on board with the Heavy Hooligans (one of our local public access shows) as a producer just this week. 
I was also selected to be in the Pretty-Scary 2006 Women of Independent Horror Calender, I'll keep you posted on it's release.
Production on 'Yiddle' is coming along nicely, we were scheduled to shoot this weekend, but unfortunetly it was a location shoot, out of town that we got rained out of.  Looks like it'll be the same for next weekend as well but we'll see.
I've mentioned before hand about the meet up groups, and us starting the meet up films.  Title of that group is the pending name "Cult of the Evil Burrito Films" *snickers* I love it.  Anyway, the first film to be shot in the series is titled 'Pictures' & is written by a fellow named Johnny Compton.  'Pictures' will be a wonderful twisted little psych thriller. 
Your's truly, is not only a calander girl, I've also been invited as a guest to my first con!  Genghis Con
is hosted by Amy Lynn Best & Mike Watt of Happy Cloud Pictures! If you want to go just for Gunnar Hansen, Debbie Rochon, and Jasime St. Claire, it's okay we'll forgive you, they're great guests! Just so long as you do go it's going to be awesome! Well that's all the news I've got for you kiddos, I'm in pain, so I'm off to bed.
Sorry for the lack of updates for those who actually check back on the site frequently. But things have been rather hectic here around the OAMM Camp; with playing catch up after a loooong time of computer problems, and well, our wedding! But we're back in business and attacking projects left and right. I'm also looking to upgrading the site to something better constructed, and more organized.
Meanwhile, let me report some news stuffs. Since taking over the 'San Antonio Film Industry" group, we've had 2 successful meetings. How successful you ask? More new members have joined and are taking part in something we're temporarily calling "meet up films" (what'd I tell you about me and naming things eh?). Basically, since there's a pool of talent and experience, we've gotten together and will make a series of shorts. Right now it's an experimental thing, but we're hoping it catches on with the group so that we can all come together and produce awesome shorts and eventually hold a showcase for them.
In other news, OAMM Productions is working on a short with Nick Pantazakos, called 'Finding Yiddle'. In 'Finding Yiddle' God tries to re-establish his connection to his children though a website. God had too many things to care after, that a website proves to be too much. So God selects Yiddle to help him manage the website. Yiddle and his producer Kathy try to both help and have fun with the people sending their soul searching, and sometimes silly questions to God. We're set to go into actual production most likely in July. So what's the deal with 'Out of Order'? We're still working some pre-production, and hope to go into actual production toward the end of August. 
And Now I Introduce To You, Mr. And Mrs. Kevin Yarbrough!
I was given the wonderful oppertunity to interview with Andrew Shearer on Pretty-Scary and discuss some of my "deep thoughts" on being a woman filmmaker.  Be sure to check it out!  Just click on my pic on the main page, or the link in the news section below.
As the wedding draws near, I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get back into our film projects.. er... I mean, being a married woman... Yeah that's it. 
In other real news; I will not be working as a special FX artist on Lycan Rising, due to a change in who's heading the project.  I do however plan on working with Melinda Marroquin on any projects she may have in the future. 
I have been trying to stay as involved in film & TV as possible, I've been doing a bit of writing for Pretty-Scary, and so far done PA work on a Ford commercial.  For those interested in the articles on P-S that I wrote you can check them out on the bottom of the page in the section called "News Links".  Coming up through Pretty-Scary,  I have an interview with Emily Perkins & Paula Devonshire of the Ginger Snaps movies!
The Visitor will be showing at the Southslam Film Fest in Austin on Sunday March 13! It's being sponsored by  More news to come after the event.
Feburary 26th and 27th OAMM participated in Motion Media's M.A.F.I.A. (make a film in a) weekend.  Each filmmaker is given 3 mintues of film stock, (and provided with a super 8 cam if needed) and 48 hours to produce a short.  One catch, film must be edited in camera, and sound is to be added after the fact without seeing the film!  It was quite an experience for us, and we're grateful for being giving the oppertunity.  The story of our short, called The Journal (yes I know I'm lame with making up titles) is up on the synopsis page, and a screening for it as well as the other M.A.F.I.A. Weekend participants will be held in Austin on Tuesday, March 29th.
Wow it's been a full year that the OAMM website has been up!!
Happy 1st Anny to us!
Well, Kevin & I have been busy here trying to get things straightened out for our wedding coming up in May. 
There actually are quite a bit of updates, I've been busy, and distracted with ADD writing on three different scripts. 
We have begun pre-production on another short called Out of Order, a synopsis will be posted soon on the projects page. 
In the "staying busy/active" section, we've been working together with SA's Public Access show, Heavy Hooligan's on some of their skits, mainly make-up, acting, and music composition.
In big, BIG, news that has me jazzed, I will actually be working on the special FX make-up crew for Melinda Marroquin's Lycan Rising 
I also have some new sculptures and FX pics to add once I figure out how to make room.
Happy Holidays to all of you.  We hope your celebrations were fun and memorable.
The Visitor is now complete and ready for order.  You can either send a money order, or use pay pal.  E-mail us for more details.
Shooting on The Visitor is now complete and it's now in editing. 
So many great possiblites going on for OAMM, been talking with other filmmakers, and many new things from OAMM are on the rise.  We'll be shooting The Visitor in the next upcoming weeks. So stay tuned, and keep checking back.
The Twisted Nightmare weekend was great.  I got to meet many great people; Amy Lynn Best & Mike Watt of Happy Cloud Productions, The Gonzoriffic Crew, LBP Crew, Debbie Rochon, Eric Thornett, Paul Scrabo, Lloyd Kauffman, Tony Todd, and my long time idol Ted Nicolaou... just to name a few.  It was a wonderful experience, new friends and memories were made.  I was so awestruck I only take two pictures! lol Aside from several sunsets from my hotel room.  Perhaps next time.
OAMM will be attending the Twisted Nightmare Convention!  More updates soon!
It's been a looooong while since I last updated, but here we are!  A Moment of Darkness is finally complete!  OAMM's first completed short.  Hooorrrah!!! More news to come.
Happy Mother's day to all the mommies out there!!!
Filming on A Moment of Darkness is set to begin in May.  Hopefully the evil curse of April will be ended lol.  But keep checking for updates.
A Moment of Darkness & Nightfall
We've been busy working hard on both projects.  Nightfall is pretty much almost done, there's just a few scenes to shoot, then on to editing.  A Moment of Darkness is having a few setbacks causing us to hold on principal photography. 
I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to our man Chris!!!!!
Our website is open to the public yay!!!  Please bear with us as I work through it adding stuff as I go along.  Keep checking back, because it will be worth it.
The lead roles we're cast for our new vampire short currently titled
A Moment of Darkness.  More detail to come.
Auditions were held today at Sam's Burger Joint for the vampire short.  Thanks for all who came out.  And huge thanks to Hollis and Steve!!! We wouldn't have been able to do it with out you guys! 
Site construction begins for OAMM's new home.

News Links!!!

"Growing Up Horror", A Pretty-Scary Essay By Tiffany Warren

"There's Werewolves in the Valley!", An interview/article on Melinda Marroquin of Lycan Rising.

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