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Welcome!  Feel free to have a look around and see what we're all about.  Please do sign our guestbook, & before you go check out our 'News and Updates' section!  Thanks for visiting OAMM Productions, Insomniacs With  A Vision!

Click on the Visitor Poster to see it's trailer, that was featured by Pretty-Scary, as a "Trailer of the Moment"!  Be sure to stop by Pretty-Scary to show your support of women in horror!

The Visitor's first review is up!  Check it out!

Pretty Scary Heidi Martinuzzi's Review


*Due to limited space A Moment of Darkness is no longer available for download.


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'After Midnight' Review from Secret Scroll Digest

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Check out Tiff's Pretty Scary Interview with Andrew Shearer!!!

[Click the pic above to read the Pretty-Scary interview]

Recently Tiff had a e-mail interview with Mike Haushalter of Secret Scroll Digest

[Click the pic above to read the Secret Scroll Interview]

'Vampyre Tales' News

Write up in Fango

'Vampyre Tales in Horror Aslyum'

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We always like to meet new people so drop us a line, any questions or suggestions?  Reach us here: oammproductions@gmail.com

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