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Okay so i've been asked "what the hell does OAMM stand for anyway?"  We stand for truth, justice.... okay maybe not.  OAMM stands for Old Applewhite/Midget Mansion (no wonder we go with OAMM no?).  The name came about because I'm a crackhead, and I love long names.  Okay... well not really that either. 

The name really comes from when I was a teen, I used to go in search of haunted places, or just in search of uber creepy, local legends.  Google Donkey Lady, or Midget Mansion, and you'll find some interesting stories.  So looking for ghosts, the Donkey Lady, and midget mansion.  As i've heard when i was a little kid, the Donkey Lady lived down Old Applewhite Road, some friends and I went looking for her, all we ended up was stalled on a creepy ass road...  It sucked.  As for midget mansion, never found it.

So why'd I go into this long story, and barely talk about the legends or how I linked them to the name of our group?  I have no idea, I just like to ramble.